Metabolic Enhancer, best natural supplement for weight loss

What is the foundation of your weight loss program?

First thing we do is educate our clients about making lifestyle changes and following a low carb lifestyle.  We do not even talk about supplements until eating properly is established first.  The fundamentals are built on eating properly, and if we cannot establish the fundamentals then long-term success will not be achieved with our natural weight loss program.

What are the Metabolic Enhancer Drops?

The Metabolic Enhancer Drops are a proprietary blend of B Vitamins, mild appetite suppressant, and velvet elk antler.  This formula is designed to give energy and retain lean muscle mass. This is an ALL-NATURAL SUPPLEMENT AND WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, which means: 

  • NO chemicals
  • NO weight loss pills
  • NO weight loss surgery  

Our patients do not have to cycle off until the desired weight loss results are achieved.  We have tried other weight loss supplements, but we believe the Metabolic Enhancer is one of the best natural supplements for weight loss on the market.

What is difference between HCG and Metabolic Enhancer?

HCG is successful, but the problem is 1) you have to follow a strict caloric intake to achieve results 2) you have to cycle off HCG after one month.  Our weight loss program has NO caloric restriction.  This program is built around the foundation of eating the right foods.  Moreover, the Metabolic Enhancer drops are All-Natural, so there is no need to cycle off the drops until the results are achieved.

Do I need to incorporate exercise to achieve results?

We do not expect a sedentary person to all of a sudden want to begin strength training.  Our focus with our clients is to begin eating properly.  Once we establish better eating habits and the weight starts coming off, hopefully our clients want to start incorporating some form of fitness as you continue your natural weight loss journey.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Various factors involved with weight loss (i.e. eating habits, exercise, sleep, hormones).  If a person is committed,  follows the program, and has weight to lose, on average we see about 20 pounds come off during the first month.  Then it is about our client being methodical and not deviating from the weight loss plan.

How much does your program cost?

Our weight loss program is $150 for the entire month.  That covers EVERYTHING!

  • Metabolic Enhancer Drops (30 doses, full dropper taken once daily)
  • Education
  • Text messages to hold YOU accountable  

We do not like all these hidden costs that other weight loss programs advertise.  

Eat Clean, Get Lean.  Keep it simple, and get results!

ready to begin our natural weight loss program?

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