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Who is a candidate for stem cell therapy?

Our Stem Cell Package has been used for individuals dealing with an injury or looking for an alternative to surgery.  Due to the success we have seen with our patients utilizing Ozone Injections, we do not consider using our Stem Cell Package until it is absolutely necessary, or the patient requests the most potent healing package we can offer. 

How is your stem cell therapy different?

Dr. Rucker's Stem Cell Package is unique in that it combines highly developed therapies that work in unison to rapidly heal injuries and increase stem cell donation.  to include:  Stem Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Ozone, Hyperbaric Chamber, and Strength & Performance Drops (proprietary blend).  There are stem cell research pros and cons, and it is up to the patient to understand why stem cells are important in order to heal a particular injury.

Does insurance cover stem cell?

Unfortunately, regenerative medicine is not covered by insurance.  The field of Alternative Medicines is becoming more popular, hopefully this changes in the future.

Are the stem cells harvested?

The Stem Cells we use are derived from a biological matrix which recruit your body's own stem cells to heal and repair naturally.  This matrix has been used to regrow hair, skin, fingers, and tissue.

How long does it take to see results?

Patients have seen results in less than a week, while some injuries have taken six weeks to eight weeks before noticing tangible results.  Outcomes can vary based on the extent of the injury and the overall health of the individual. 

How much is your stem cell package?

We have two Stem Cell Packages available for our patients.  

The Stem Cell Light Package consists of Clarix and Ozone Therapy.  The cost is $1,995 per area.

Our Premier Stem Cell Package (Two Stem Cell Matrix, PRP, Ozone Therapy) is $8,995 per area treated.

Stem Cell Package videos

Watch some of our Stem Cell Package success videos we have used to heal our patients and professional athletes.

interested in stem cell therapy for your injury?

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