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Who is a candidate for stem cell therapy?

Our Stem Cell Package has been used for individuals dealing with an injury or looking for an alternative to surgery.  Due to the success we have seen with our patients utilizing Ozone Injections, we do not consider using our Stem Cell Package until it is absolutely necessary, or the patient requests the most potent healing package we can offer. 

How is your stem cell therapy different?

Dr. Rucker's Stem Cell Package is unique in that it combines highly developed therapies that work in unison to rapidly heal injuries and increase stem cell donation.  to include:  Stem Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Ozone, Hyperbaric Chamber, and Strength & Performance Drops (proprietary blend).  There are stem cell research pros and cons, and it is up to the patient to understand why stem cells are important in order to heal a particular injury.

What areas can be treated with stem cells?

The majority of our stem cell cases have involved damaged joints and tissues.  

We have recently been using our Stem Cell Light Package combined with PRP for erectile dysfunction and seeing success.  We are also able to do this same package on females for vaginal rejuvenation.  Many of the patients choosing this package are also signing up for regular usage of the PEMF.

Are the stem cells harvested?

The Stem Cells we use are derived from a biological matrix which recruit your body's own stem cells to heal and repair naturally.  This matrix has been used to regrow hair, skin, fingers, and tissue.

We have also started using Exosomes in order to transfer genetic material (messenger RNAs to make proteins and microRNAs to regulate the expression of genes) between each other and deliver this with our IV Package. 

How long does it take to see results?

Patients have seen results in less than a week, while some injuries have taken six weeks to eight weeks before noticing tangible results.  Outcomes can vary based on the extent of the injury and the overall health of the individual. 

How much is your stem cell package?

We have two Stem Cell Packages available for our patients.  

The Stem Cell Light Package consists of Clarix and Ozone Therapy, cost is $2,495 per area treated.

The Stem Cell Light Package plus PRP, cost is $2,995 per area treated.

Our Premium Stem Cell Package (Two Stem Cell Matrix, PRP, Ozone Therapy), cost is $7,995 per area treated.

Insurance DOES NOT COVER any of our stem cell packages.

stem cell repairs cartilage loss & pcl tear 80% in 3 months


The Stem Cell Premium Package was performed on 1/27/19.  Here we are  three months after the treatment and Phil's knee is 80% improved.  Some  of the noticeable improvements:

* Phil is running for the first time in three years
* Crossfit training and athletic movements
* Playing with his kids and dogs
* Quality of life and performing daily activities
* Lost 50 pounds of weight

Shaun Marcum MLB Baseball Pitcher Stem Cell Package

Shaun Marcum is a 10 Year Veteran of Major League Baseball who has played with the Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Mets, and Cleveland Indians.  Shaun had "Tommy John" Surgery in 2008 and underwent shoulder surgery in 2013.  Shaun reached out to Dr. Rucker in May of 2014 to get stem cell therapy on his shoulder.  In this video Shaun talks about how much better his shoulder felt after receiving the Ozone, PRP, and Stem Cell treatment from Dr. Rucker.  

Tennis Shoulder Injury Stem Cell Package

Meet our patient Carl who has been dealing with shoulder pain for the past 6 months that he suffered while playing tennis.  Carl had tried various other treatments but nothing was healing his shoulder.  Ultimately the shoulder was not fully healed, so Dr. Rucker decided to give him our most comprehensive package for Carl's shoulder injury:  Stem Cell, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and Ozone.   4 days later Carl's shoulder was healed and he was playing tennis!

Stem Cell Light Package Tennis Elbow 5 Days Later

Dr. Michael Regan is a local chiropractor in the Lakewood Ranch, FL area and is an active athlete. Mike had injured his elbow during a skiing trip this past winter. Mike knew he had medial epicondylitis, which is an injury that takes six to twelve months to heal. Mike was not willing to wait that long to heal and limit his physical activities. Mike decided to see Dr. Rucker and use our Stem Cell Light Package.  FIVE DAYS later Mike's elbow is healed and he has ZERO 

Stem Cell Light Torn Meniscus 13 Days Later

Meet our patient Nary who is an active volleyball player.  Nary has been dealing with a torn meniscus for the past three months and has tried pretty much everything, and nothing has helped her.  Nary comes to our office to see Dr. Rucker and gets our Stem Cell Light Package to help her torn meniscus.  One week after receiving the Stem Cell Light Package Nary was able to hike three miles with no issues.  Thirteen days after receiving the Stem Cell Light Package Nary is pain free.

Stem Cell Light Bone on Bone, 75 Year Old Woman

 75 Year Old Woman with Bone on Bone is much improved after ONE MONTH using Dr. Rucker's Stem Cell Light Package.  

Linda was scheduled for knee surgery and decided to hold off and see Dr. Rucker.  Linda got the Stem Cell Light Package (Amniotic Tissue and Ozone) on 5/25/18 and as of 6/25/18 she has no pain and some light tingling going down her leg, but that is it.  Linda is noticing better movement in the knee, and her short-term goal is to continue to build strength in her knee. 

Stem Cell Light Improves Shingles Virus

Stem Cell Light Package Improves Shingles Virus, 98% Improvement in less than one month's time.  Meet our patient Veth who has been dealing with the shingles virus and have found no relief for the past several months.  Dr. Rucker decides to use our Stem Cell Light Package (Amniotic Tissue and Ozone) on 6/20/18.  Less than one month (7/12/18) Veth says his eye is 98% improved.  The itching sensation around his eye and forehead are gone, Veth is amazed with the healing capacity of Package.  

interested in stem cell therapy for your injury?

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