IV NAD+ might be the solution for those suffering with Addiction, PTSD, and Age Related chronic diseases.  Scroll down to learn more.

nad+ IV Therapy questions

What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

NAD IV Therapy Bradenton and Sarasota

 NAD is a coenzme that is found in almost every cell in your body. It’s  used to fuel metabolic reactions forward, like carbohydrates, fats and  amino acids. 

 There is some evidence that NAD acts directly as a neurotransmitter as  well. In the process of addiction, the brain is depleted of  neurotransmitters and neuronal dysfunction persist. This leads to the  endless cycle of use and deterioration of day to day function. At this  stage, the brain is largely incapable of participating in recovery or  fighting substance abuse and abuse behaviors.

Who would benefit from NAD ?

NAD IV Therapy Bradenton and Sarasota

The following conditions could benefit by utilizing NAD therapy:

  • Addiction to narcotics (legal and illegal)
  • Anxiety
  • Burnout/Fatigue
  • Anti-Aging
  • PTSD

What can I expect after treatment?

NAD IV Therapy Bradenton and Sarasota

NAD is given as a high dose infusion protocol. IV infusion boosts serum  levels far above oral supplementation. NAD+ stimulates the part of the  brain greatly depressed by addiction and quickly restores function.   This decreases cravings and withdrawal symptoms and boosts brain  function to better allow involvement in counseling and other therapies. 

How much time is needed for NAD?

NAD IV Therapy Bradenton and Sarasota

Each treatment will take about 2 hours to administer.  You will be in a comfortable room and have the ability to relax in our office setting.  We  would recommend coming in for treatment one time per week, with a minimum of 6 to 8 treatments.  Each patient will be under the guidance of Dr. Rucker to ascertain and the progress and adjustments made accordingly.

How much is NAD therapy?

NAD IV Therapy Bradenton and Sarasota

Each treatment costs $350 and will take about 2 hours to administer.  New Patient Consultation ($500) will be required if you are not an existing patient.

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