Herpes Anti-Viral Program for Genital Herpes

What is involved with the program?

Dr. Rucker will give each patient nutritional counseling, supplement program, including items such as Vitamin C, Mushroom Complex, Anti-Viral Botanical, and a very powerful food grade supplement.  The patients will utilize whole body infrared ozone hyperthermic sauna weekly.  The cornerstone of this extremely therapeutic package is the utilization of Vitamins and Medical Grade Ozone intravenously, on a weekly to semi-weekly basis.

What labs are necessary to begin therapy?

The answer to this question will vary from patient to patient.  But keep in mind Dr. Rucker is a world class authority on interpreting bloodwork and antibody testing regarding the herpes virus.  Most patients have some form of positive antibody testing or a positive viral culture.  We would like to review all the relevant labwork to ensure it has been properly administered.

What are the side effects?

Our treatment programs have very little side effects.  Some patients can experience a temporary increase in symptomatic outbreaks.  This is likely due to a herxheimer reaction.  Other side effects are generally mild due to supplementation (i.e. low grade heartburn, diarrhea)

Does this package help with oral herpes and/or HSV-1?

The Anti-Viral Package is effective for both oral and genital herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2).

How much does it cost?

Initial Consultation is $1,995 which  includes the following:  

  • New Patient Consultation with Dr. Rucker
  • 1st Anti-Viral Treatment Package (IV Therapy, PEMF Magnet, Ozone Steam Cabinet) 
  • Supplementation recommended by Dr. Rucker during treatment)

Each Anti-Viral Package Session thereafter will cost $795.  We recommend our patients do at least eight Anti-Viral Sessions in total.

Can I shorten the duration from eight weeks?

Yes.  For those wanting to expedite the Anti-Viral Package we can coordinate having a PICC Line placed in order to administer the Herpes Anti-Viral Package in TWO WEEKS rather than eight weeks.  The patient  pays for the insertion and removal of the PICC Line.

Herpes Anti-Viral Videos

Link to our YouTube Channel discussing the Herpes Anti-Viral Package.

If you are ready to begin a new path to combat the Herpes Virus email us at info@ruckerozonedoc.com or call our office at (941) 448-1199.

Herpes Virus Research

Research regarding Ozone and its effectiveness treating the Herpes Virus.  Is herpes curable for genital herpes and oral herpes?  That is our goal.

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