Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative Cancer Therapy

Each patient that comes to see Dr. Rucker for a Cancer Consultation is treated based on their individual needs. Dr. Rucker spends one hour with each new patient during the office visit in order to review the medical history.  This allows Dr. Rucker to build a protocol based on the patient's respective needs.

We have a variety of tools to help our cancer patients at Rucker Integrative Medicine.  Some of the more common tools we use to help our cancer patients build a stronger immune system are: Hyperbaric Chamber, IV Therapy, Ozone, PEMF., and Medical Marijuana.  Dr. Rucker has a plethora of other options, which is why the one hour consultation is imperative to assess the patient's needs.  Supplementation and dietary changes are also encouraged with our alternative cancer treatments.

The types of cancer patients we have treated are varied and have included: Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Ewing Sarcoma, Oral Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, and Prostate Cancer.  This is not an all-inclusive list, and we continually get inquiries about uncommon types of cancer from individuals looking for alternative cancer treatments.

Patients that gravitate to alternative cancer treatments are twofold: 1) Patient diagnosed with cancer that only wants to consider alternative cancer treatments to aid their recovery 2) Patient diagnosed with cancer that wants to use traditional western medicine along with complimentary alternative cancer treatments.

Most of the cancer patients come in for treatment one to three times per week based on Dr. Rucker's individualized treatment plan.  Lab work and/or imaging is typically performed after eight weeks to ascertain the patient's progress.

New Patient Consultation: $995 (90 Minutes) will be dedicated with Dr. Rucker to go over the patient's history and develop and individual based protocol.  The majority of alternative therapies performed are not covered by insurance.  We do provide each patient a detailed invoice which they can submit to their respective insurance company for reimbursement.

We encourage you to watch some of cancer patient testimonials along with our educational IV therapy videos.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment: Whole Body Approach.

Alternative Cancer Treatment: Whole Body Approach. 

patient testimonial bladder cancer, iv therapy

Bruce talks about his experience with Vitamin C IV and Ozone (Autohemotherapy) to help his his body deal with bladder cancer.  Moreover, Bruce speaks to the fact he always dealt with bronchial issues in both the fall and spring.  Since being on the Vitamin C IV Therapy he has not had any bronchial issues. 

Patient Testimonial Pancreatic Cancer, IV Therapy

Patricia has had to deal with Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, and recently Pancreatic Cancer (Stage 4).  Patricia has gone thru over 40 rounds of chemotherapy.  The treatments were not as effective in reducing the tumor markers.  She reached out to Dr. Rucker and started utilizing Myers Cocktail in order to treat her pancreatic cancer.  She started to see a difference, to the point that she has not done chemotherapy for the past five months and is almost cancer free.

Cancer Patient Testimonials & IV Therapy education

Dr. Rucker and our patients talk about the benefits of utilizing IV Therapy to help the immune system for our patients looking for alternative cancer treatments.

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which reveals no growth in the mass and the  patient feels amazing.  She has lost 25 pounds, she is living a healthy  lifestyle, and she has developed an absolute lack of fear in regards to  this cancer. 

Click the video to hear about this particular patient's success story.

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