Balancing hormones naturally, Males & Females

What are the benefits of hormone therapy?

Bio-Identical hormone therapy is often considered a "fountain of youth".  What is the normal testosterone level for optimum performance?  That is the goal of hormone therapy for both males and females when beginning bio-identical hormone therapy.  Balancing hormones naturally alleviates low testosterone symptoms in men and women.  Some of the common benefits that may occur:

Improved Sleep

Improved Sexual Function

Weight Loss

Promotes Muscle Growth

Improved Bone Density

Improved Energy

Is hormone therapy safe?

Like any prescribed medications there are pros and cons.  Hormone therapy done properly can promote a better quality of life, and there are studies showing hormone therapy can improve heart health and reduce your risk to certain cancers.

Our office also makes it mandatory our males patients get labs done every six months and female patients annually.  This allows Dr. Rucker to monitor the patient regularly and make sure the levels are within a comfortable range.

How is hormone therapy administered?

Male patients can take hormones either as an injection (intermuscular) or a testosterone pellet.  Women can take hormone therapy either as a cream or pellet.  Some of our male clients prefer testosterone pellets as it takes away the necessity of having to self inject.  In any of the following scenarios the bio-identical hormones are compounded based on the needs of the particular patient.

Do I need a prescription for hormone therapy?

The only way to begin hormone therapy legally is under the care of a licensed medical practioner.

How do I begin hormone therapy?

Labs need to be done, and then you will need to come to our office and establish yourself as a new patient.  Once Dr. Rucker reviews your labs to substantiate there is a hormone deficiency, you are able to begin hormone therapy.

How much does it cost?

For a New Patient and Follow-Up the Lab Review charge is $150.  

Tesosterone therapy for our males can be around $300 (10 week cycle, injections) to $695 (testosterone pellet, lasts around 3 months.

Hormone therapy for our females is around $240 for hormone cream (3 month supply) or $395 for pellet therapy (lasts around 6 months).

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