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Our medical practice focuses on integrating alternative and complementary therapies.  Our patients see Dr. Rucker for Auto Immune Diseases, Chronic Pain Conditions,  Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (Male and Female), IV Therapy, Sports Injury Solutions (Ozone and Stem Cell Therapy), Medical Cannabis/Marijuana, PEMF, Vibroacoustic Therapy Table,  and Weight Loss Program.  We also have Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Ozone Steam Cabinet available.

Gout Buster IV

Package Deal $275

For those individuals suffering with Gout and want an alternative solutions.  Here is what is included:

  • Myers Cocktail 
  • Direct Ozone
  • PEMF (30 Minute Session)

Recommendation is for our patients to come in one time a week for six to eight weeks.

Patient Success Story!

STEM CELL LIGHT HELPS 75 YEAR OLD WOMAN WITH BONE ON BONE IN ONE MONTH:  ONE MONTH after receiving Amniotic Tissue and Ozone Injection.  Linda was scheduled for knee surgery and decided to hold off and see Dr. Rucker.  Linda got the Stem Cell Light Package (Amniotic Tissue and Ozone) on 5/25/18 and as of 6/25/18 she has no pain and some light tingling going down her leg, but that is it.  Linda is noticing better movement in the knee, and her short-term goal is to continue to build strength in her knee.

Our Stem Cell Light Package starts at $1,995 per area treated.

Click the link below to hear Patricia's story.

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