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Our medical practice focuses on integrating alternative and complementary therapies.  Our patients see Dr. Rucker for Auto Immune Diseases, Chronic Pain Conditions,  Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (Male and Female), IV Therapy, Sports Injury Solutions (Ozone and Stem Cell Therapy), and Medical Cannabis/Marijuana.  We also have Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Ozone Steam Cabinet available.

Flu Buster IV

Package Deal $195

Perfect time to breakout an IV Package for our patients wanting a natural treatment to combat the flu virus.  What is included:

* Myers Cocktail
* MESOSILVER Collodial Silver (8.45 Fluid Ounces)
* VitaliTrek D3/K2 Drops (4 Drops, 10,000 IU)

Come in for the Flu Buster, take the MESOSILVER and D3/K2 Drops home with you.

Patient Success Story January

Each month we will feature a patient success story.  This month I will focus on our patient Josepha and her successful experience using Dr. Rucker's Stem Cell Package (Stem Cell, Ozone, PRP, Hyperbaric Chamber, Strength & Performance Supplement) to heal her Torn Labrum.

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If you are looking for alternative medicines, complementary alternative medicine, or alternative medicine for cancer feel free to stop by or call us.

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